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Muscle aches or loss of muscle mass?

Decreased sex drive and performance?

Brain fog, forgetfulness, mood changes?

Decreased ability to recover?

These are not signs of simple aging; they may be signs of metabolic dysfunctions and hormonal depletion.

The increasing stress in our lives can burn up our supplies of hormones and neurotransmitters for rest and repair.

Dr. Michael Miletic, a former Olympic athlete, prominent physician, and specialist in clinical neuroscience and in metabolic medicine has originated and refined a unique system to reset the chemical balance in your brain and body that will give your life and vitality back.


This unique system encompasses specialized lab testing, customized clinical evaluation techniques, energy systems stress response, hormone optimization and balancing, micronutrient replacement, immune response, gut health, inflammation determination and treatment, all integrated into a comprehensive assessment of your health and performance.


Dr. Miletic closely follows your body’s response to your personalized treatment, monitoring and adapting it to enhance your best performance. 


  • Post-Op IV

  • Balance energy systems and hormone

  • Reduce swelling 

  • Faster recovery from the procedure and anesthetic

  • Boosts tissue healing

  • Complete body replenishment

  • Functional anti-aging medicine 


As a result of stress, environmental toxins, or infections, our hormone levels become depleted and out of balance.

These imbalances manifest in slower recovery, skin aging, loss of energy, fatigue, sleep disruptions, mood changes, lack of focus, forgetfulness, lower sex drive, and unwanted changes in body composition.


Our science allows us to reverse these changes and give back the body its natural ability to heal, recover, and stay youthful.

With a combination of bio-identical hormone replacement balanced with youth-enhancing peptides and stress management techniques, Dr. Miletic will customize a plan for your individual needs and goals for cellular function restoration.